Who we are

The idea
Surgifix is born
Thanks to the idea of Cavalier Mignone the first elastic tubular band is created and the Surgifix brand is born. The Surgifix patent is issued.
Creation of the manufacturing company
Foundation of FRA Production
Founded in 1962 the company, with the headquarter in Dusino San Michele, grew constantly becoming a worldwide point of reference in the creation of innovative products in the food and medical sector
The first plant
Plant Dusino 1
The plant Dusino 1 for the production of food netting, rings and strings is active since 1974 and stands on a surface of 6,000 square metres. Inside there are the various machines for beaming, covering, coiling, weaving the products for the food market and also the machines for ring tying.
Products for incontinence
Incontinence and gynaecology: new products
FRA Production is one of the world leaders also for the production of incontinence and gynaecological articles. Single use and reusable mesh panties are designed in order to fix medications and pads and guarantee the utmost comfort and absolute performance in terms of safety without limiting movements
Singlefix is born
The production of Singlefix starts
Another important product is Singlefix, a sterile finger medication made with a cotton sheath and a soft internal polyurethane padding, that can be tied easily to the wrist.
The second plant
Plant Dusino 2
The new plant Dusino 2, where the medical products are manufactured, and the new headquarter are inaugurated. It stands on a surface of 6,000 square metres and contains a very modern semi-automatized warehouse from where products are shipped to more than 65 countries in the world.
Elastics for facemasks
New products
In 2020 FRA production started to manufacture and distribute elastic strings for facemask. In the same year the company starts to distribute the sanitizing wipes Surgifix Wipe Clean & Go, packed individually in a recycled plastic box and tubular bandages impregnated with a special anti-inflammatory liquid, ideal for the treatment of joint pains and traumas.
The third plant
Plant Dusino 3
The new logistic hub offers a double space for warehousing and for pallets placement. It is directly linked to the other two plants through tunnels, it counts with structures ensuring optimal effectiveness and independency from the outside for the loading and unloading of medical devices and products in contact with food. The whole plant is energized by a 350 kw state-of-the-art photovoltaic system that gives the structure absolute energetic autonomy and offering a surplus that is used by the other two plants. In this way the CO2 emissions are reduced by 263 tons per year.
FRA Production Spa
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Fra Production

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